April Spring Streams

constant injection of sheer enthusiasm to keep skill in fit, to be inspired during the days, to effective grow as an artist

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Olga Peregood
Olga Peregood

I help people to escape into enjoyment of painting

To make the viewer of your paintings be b-b-blown away...

  1. It's not about brushmiles.
  2. It's not about having a strong talent.
  3. It's not about painting arsenal.
  4. You must deliver what they want
  5. You can paint with opposite hand. You can spill your cup of tea on your painting...
  6. ...But if you forgot about intrigue, illusions and how viewer mind works, you are ordinary not extraordinary artist

I'm Olga. Originally from Belarus live in Canada.

Doing science (not art) with water, color and paper. Responsible to teach how to hold on air while painting.

I help lost, tired, bored artists to breathe a fresh air, paint non-stop, paint with confidence, style and freedom and do it gracefully using my gentle sleep talk down feminine voice.

I always painted. No matter what life brought me school, university web-designer carrier, own publishing company I felt like I was doing stuff which keeps me away from painting what I love to paint.

I had a few hints

I was called to. My 1st painting was sold when I was 5. My friends make a fair and took some of my paintings for "assortment"

In grade 1

in first day our school art teacher took a look at my painting journal which was laying on my desk. She ask one question "Is it yours?" and imidietly took it away. Next day there was my first solo exhibition at school.

In grade 11 [ final ]

me and my friend were asked to replace art teacher for grade 6. I was staying in front of sea of curious eyes and I look at my friend like "What now?" and she look back like: "Go ahead! We escaping school today!" We hold one day replacing teacher in all classes. After all "my students" followed me like they were my dogs. Thankfully it was last week before we finish school. I was convinced it's quite challenging to interact with people in this way 😆

Holly, Internet!

I'm blessed to live with my family. I'm animal lover, flower girl and innocent child. I live far from home and escape from loneliness being in other country by painting

Class Curriculum

  Beginning Of The Rainbow
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  REPLAY. Day 5
Available in days
days after you enroll
  REPLAY. Day 4
Available in days
days after you enroll
  REPLAY. Day 3
Available in days
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  REPLAY. Day 2
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  REPLAY. Day 1
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  The End Of A Rainbow
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days after you enroll

"Loved the live tutorial on YouTube a few minutes ago! I have learned so much from your tutorials! I can feel your amazement and love for your colors, your brushes, your paper and love for what you do, and it inspires! I am serious - if I hadn't watched your kitten class, I probably would still think I can't paint! Your love and lightheartedness for your paintings make us lose our fear and relax and have fun and just let our art happen! Never ever lose that laid back approach to art! I try to channel it every time I paint, and that's when my best work has happened so far! I paint laughing - because you showed that it's ok! Anyway, thank you, again, for opening this door for me (I am sure not just me!). And keep laughing and painting!"

- ohgoldiegoldie, happy student

"I don't usually contact artist but I couldn't resist telling you how I am so impressed with your art work. I stumbled upon your You Tube videos while I was searching for tutorials on loose watercolor painting. I can't wait until I am able to purchase one of your tutorials on your blog so I can have a more intimate lesson on "lazy watercolor" painting. Thank you for your tutorials and I look forward to learning from you in the near future! I have attached a watercolor painting that I did recently. I'm so excited to learn your method on loose painting!"

- Joann Garrahan, YouTube subscriber

"Olga, I can not thank you enough for such a wonderful live class! This really did help me focus on each small and manageable step...from how to look at a reference photo, come up with a plan, and the actual process of painting! I appreciate you taking us thru each step, and explaining what you were you seeing, doing and what to expect from your brush strokes! It was also very helpful to see how the paint and water reacted, and when to let the painting dry before adding more. I am sorry to miss the live stream tomorrow, but will definitely watch it as soon as I return home from work. I look forward to many more of these classes! Thank you so much!"

- Cori Lanza, happy student

"I wanted to tell you that I learned a lot from the lesson. I now realize that loose painting is not fast painting, but rather thoughtful instead"

- Nancy Quinlan, happy student