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  4th May. STUDENT"S REQUEST. Kitten Sassy. _____Q: What is your favorite tutorial/painting? Why?

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Thursday, 4th May watercolor painting session will be hold online 2:00 PM (Toronto) by Olga Peregood

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LIVE CHAT (saved)

joana Darc Trigueiro,Hi Olga, my name isJ OANA and I'm watching from Brasil
Azzu Paris
Sandy Losacco,Hi Olga,It's me Sandy from Algonquin , these videos are so exciting!
Helle Partsch,Hi Inana55
joana Darc Trigueiro
Inana55,Helle i think you said you are from Austria
Inana55 than we are neibhours...
joana Darc Trigueiro From Brazil
Inana55,Hi, Brasil:)

Karen Jackson,hello
Azzu Paris,Hello
corikay,I hear her clicking on her computer....Looks like it will, connect soon....
Helle Partsch,yes i am from Vienna !

Diane Preus,Hi Olga, so nice to join you from state of Maryland. Will wait for connection to establish.
Azzu Paris,@Helle, Partsch I LOVE Vienna!!
Deborah Oates,YAY!!!!!!!!!!
Diane Preus,Can see and hear you now.
Annelie Wadin,Hi, Olga
Angela Casey,Hi Olga! From California
Azzu Paris,So happy to be here
Joan Porter,Hi Olga, from Colorado
Susan Petro,Hi everyone from Pennsylvania
Inana55,Hi, Susan
Leslie Waite,I made it!! YEA!!..from Cape Cod,MA USA

corikay,I loved those eyes....I tried them...and I look forward to doing it again!
Susan Petro,Hi, Inana
joana Darc Trigueiro
Manjuman Yasmin,Hi
Leslie Waite,yes
Angela Casey,yes
Azzu Paris,+
Deborah Oates,yes
Susan Petro,+
Joan Porter,Yes, loud and clear.
Inana55,You guys,have sound
Leslie Waite,OH My kitty girl!!!!
Azzu Paris,beautiful cat
corikay,Sweet Sassy!
Chuck Ingrm,See you now hurrah
Sandy Losacco,quick request Olga could you demo how to paint Carnations,I find them very challenging! Thanks Sandy from Algonquin.
corikay Are the Sakura pigments more opaque

Leslie Waite,I'm so excited xoxo
Azzu Paris,I would love to have a cat
Delores Barnes,A technical question Olga - the videos for Watercolor Treasure Chest class that you have the link for, do not play. Any ideas?

Inana55,I hear and see now also..have refreshed. All works well
Joan Porter,Olga, I can't stay for the whole hour. Will this video be available tomorrow?
Marta J. V. Bartsch,<3
joana Darc Trigueiro
Leslie Waite,I'm taking a photo of you painting Sally AKA Sassy!!
Azzu Paris,the colours are really vibrant, I like them
Marta J. V. Bartsch,I like your videos not only because of watercolors but because you have amazing calm voice which works in relaxing way :-)
Sandy Losacco,It stopped!!
Delores Barnes,The actual video will not play when I click on the arrow to start the video. I have tried to contact SkillShare, but no luck getting an answer.

Gina Martorano,Gina from California. Beautiful cat.
Annelie Wadin,here you are,
Helle Partsch,Were are you from Inana?
Leslie Waite,I feel like I am watching my little girl on stage..I'm so excited and nervous!!!
Diane Preus,Leslie, your cat's markings are just stunning and her eyes are so beautiful!

Leslie Waite,Thank you Diane
Diane Preus,How old is Sassy?
Leslie Waite,No need to be sorry Olga!! Sassy will be Fun!!
Joan Porter,Olga, I must leave now, but I will tune in tomorrow if I can.
Azzu Paris,@Leslie Waite Sassy is very adorable and beautiful! I'm so a cat lady lol
Leslie Waite,I am also Azzu xoxo
Sandy Losacco,yes, I hear me

Gina Martorano,Hi Joana I am going to Brazil next week. Abraco
Sandy Losacco,Oops I hear you
Leslie Waite,oh my goodness..adorable Olga!!
Objetivo ingles con Merce,Hi Olga!! I'm late but I'm glad to be here!!
Objetivo ingles con Merce,So cute!!
Annelie Wadin,i love your cat paintings and animal paintings and all your flower painting..all is beautiful.

corikay,Hard to pick one particular thing...all of your techniques are enchanting, and seem to pull me in! Animal eyes, Florals...I CAN'T PICK!!!
Diane Preus,Really enjoyed your tutorial when you painted the three fluffy white puppies...they emerged from the background in a magical way.
Leslie Waite,Your Hydrangeas ...and Sassy!!...and your other animals..I love the way you enjoy and love your watercolors!!!
Azzu Paris,I love your style, so everything you paint it's beautiful!
Leslie Waite,I agree Azzu
Helle Partsch,I love your dog paintings and your choice of colours. I also like flower paintings your loose style
Marguerite Taylor,Olga what an incredible teacher you are!!! thank yours
Diane Preus,Sassy is developing nicely...can't wait for the eyes to be rendered!
Leslie Waite,I would know that was my kitty even if I didn't know you were actually painting her!!! You are capturing her sweet personality
Gina Martorano,I love the dog with the tongue out , the. Chipmunk and the blue cat. I am lying, I love everything
Azzu Paris,I love how the blue mixes with the yellow
Leslie Waite,I know.I would never think to do that
Helle Partsch,Yes the chipmunk is so cute
Leslie Waite,BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm not nervous anymore !!
corikay,Completely enjoyed it!!!!
Annelie Wadin,Lovely painting, more animals, thank you Olga.

corikay,I completely enjoyed this painting session!
Deborah Oates,wow you make it look so easy thanks for sharing it
Azzu Paris,Oh yes, very much enjoyed this session!
corikay,Olga, can you tell us WHERE you purchase your favorite Russian brushes? I have looked at the info on your blog, but do not see a website or company that sells them....Thank you
Gina Martorano,Thank you so much!
IngunnBW,Wonderful painting session, thank you!
corikay,What a fun session! Thank you Olga, and thank you Leslie for sharing Sassy with us!!!
Leslie Waite,Simply Beautiful xoxoxo..
Annelie Wadin,i love this session
Azzu Paris,beautiful session!!!!
Diane Preus,Thank you for sharing Olga...would love to see how you develop this kitty painting.

Jodi Gregory,I really cannot tell you how much I LOVE the colors you use. Thank you so much!
Sandy Losacco,I would love to see Sassy when she is done!
Melinda Gardner,cant wait to paint my kitty! great job Olga!
Chuck Ingrm,Thanks Olga...learning so much
Raye Quoss,Just wonderful Olga.
Annelie Wadin sse you tomorrow i hope.
Annelie Wadin,thanks for today
IngunnBW,I hope you wait to paint more on Sassy until tomorrows session!

Leslie Waite,I am just filled with feelings of your watercolor of sassy!!
Diane Preus,Looking forward to next session. Bye all!
Azzu Paris,Thank you Olga