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  2 May. SEASCAPES. _____Q: How did you find me?

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Tuesday, 2st May watercolor painting session will be hold online 11:59 AM (Toronto) by Olga Peregood

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LIVE CHAT (saved)

LAZYWONDERBRUSH, Hello! What is your name and where are you watching from?

Inana55,Hi Olga. Greetings from Slovenia:)
Ma. Chona MendozaHello. It's Chona from the Philippines.
Art PingGood morning! From Texas
Helle PartschHi Olga! I am watching from Vienna Austria
Corina MarinHello from Romania Corina
Annelie Wadinhi Olga
stuyve56Hi from the Netherlands
Jodi GregoryHi Olga. From beautiful Golden Isles of Georgia.
Joan PorterGood morning from Denver, CO
May Jayhi Olga From Czech
Annelie Wadini find you on you tube when i looking for loose painting.
IngunnBWHi Olga
scrapnshootRocklin, CA
Inana55hear you and see you well!. I found your youtube channel while looking for loose painting tutorials
Annelie Wadinsweden
Lisa ArslanianHello from Armenia

LAZYWONDERBRUSHQuestion: How did you find me?

Deborah OatesHi from Oregon
Ma. Chona MendozaI was searching for a watercolor teacher and i was mesmerized by your style  and I followed you since then.
stuyve56You tube
scrapnshootWas looking for watercolor on youtube and stumbled on yours. Love your work
Jodi GregoryI was looking for sunflowers to paint in acrylic and came across your beautiful art. So I went to YouTube to find you.
Art PingI always follow watercolor paintings videos in YT. Your videos just happed to pop up one day. Have been following since then.
May Jayanswer :from You tube - I was looking for painting a watercolor
Jodi GregoryHear you good
Wendy SheaHi from Victoria, BC
IngunnBWI was surfing You Tube for inspiration, and there you were. Lucky me
Chuck IngrmHello from Tennessee
Daily ArtistryHello again Olga!
Corina Marinon YT looking for loose style watercolor
Jaroslav MuzikantHello from Prag
Wendy SheaFound you on YouTube a few months ago, love, love your painting style
Helle PartschI like how Watercolour blends and with water creates new colours, shapes and it´s so unpredictable
Gina MartoranoHi Olga which paper are you using?

LAZYWONDERBRUSH,Watercolor paper Bockingford 140 lb rough -
Gina MartoranoTks
Lisa Arslanianhear you well but with some  'hiss' in the background
Helle Partschwhich turquoise do you use ?
Chuck IngrmI heard Naples yellow what other yellows
Gina MartoranoIt looks so much a beach I use to go in my country, I can even see the trail i use to take to get to the beach in your forest. I love it.
Ma. Chona MendozaThe hissing in the background sounds like the sea ..
Gina MartoranoIt's true Ma. Chona
Ma. Chona MendozaHow co- incidental , Gina . Isn't it?
Helle Partschit´s beautiful and these watermarks are so pretty
Annelie Wadinit is so fun to paint with you.

Inana55i am just mesmerized by these landscapes:)
Wendy WhiteBeautiful. Thanks Olga from New York State.
Inana55thank you Olga..It is magical
Annelie Wadinlovely landscape
IngunnBWYou make magic on paper
Wendy SheaThank you, such creative inspiration!
stuyve56Thank you Olga! Yes it is magic!
Chuck IngrmThanks. Wonderful
Deborah OatesSo much FUN!!

Lisa ArslanianMesmerizing and magical are "The Words" to describe this demo.... thank you so much
Annelie WadinThank you Olga for this amazing time
Corina MarinThank you
Ma. Chona MendozaThank you again . I don't mind watching you at midnight over here.
Delores BarnesThanks Olga for your generous spirit of sharing.  You are a good teacher!
Jodi GregoryThank you Olga. I love the colors.
Lisa ArslanianWhat's the angle of your paper please Olga? It looks quite vertical on the video?